Three ways women can build financial literacy

Tina Hay shares on Breaking Glass how women can be empowered to make critical financial decisions

Tina Hay is the Founder and CEO of Napkin Finance – a multimedia platform where members can learn everything about money in 30 seconds or less. They have resources for everything from taxes to credit, from investing to saving for retirement. It’s super visual, very easy to take in and women are one of their target markets. Tina believes that money touches every aspect of a woman’s life – job opportunities, housing, and relationship health. She’s leveraging that passion to build financial literacy resources that are currently reaching more than 80 million people around the world.

Napkin Finance grew out of Tina’s passion for entrepreneurship and her belief that every woman should be empowered to understand and control her own financial health. In her words, “You need to be able to stand on your own two feet. You need to be empowered, and to be able to take care of yourself regardless of what your circumstances are.” Here are Tina’s top three ways to prioritize your own financial literacy:

  1. OBSERVE AND ABSORB – What can you learn merely from observing what’s happening around you? While financial literacy is not yet part of our education curriculum, every woman should be asking questions of the people close to her and paying close attention to absorb as much as possible from the media she consumes. 
  2. ACCESS RESOURCES – If you didn’t have formal financial education you can find digital resources that meet you where you are right now. Look for resources that align with your learning style. Understanding whether you learn best through audio or visual content is an easy step to take to find resources that break down complex concepts in a way that you can easily understand.
  3. BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE – Don’t undermine your education by believing the lie that women can’t understand finance. Women make more day to day financial decisions in their households, it’s time we build our collective literacy to contribute confidently to our long-term financial stability as well.

On this episode of Breaking Glass, Tina shares her journey from being a finance novice to becoming deeply committed to offering easy and practical tools for every financial situation of life. Her journey to financial literacy only showed more clearly the stark reality of this gender disparity and how little things are changing. Until there is a cultural shift that shows women being less dependent on their partners to make long-term financial decisions, women will continue to feel disempowered to make important decisions that could impact the trajectory of their lives. 

Tina Hay on Breaking Glass