Three resources for lighthearted advice on motherhood

Ester Steinberg shares how to find humor in motherhood

Brooklyn-based stand up comedian Ester Steinberg has found the humor in all things motherhood. Ester has been in the comedy circuit since she was 16 years old, trying to make her way on stage at the one comedy club in Tampa, Florida. The message she received: no girls allowed. She then made her way to LA before eventually settling with her comedian husband in New York. Now after having their first child and seeing how her life is changing as a new mother, Ester’s body of work has changed as well. Ester brings some levity and comedic anecdotes to what it’s like for a woman and a mother in the world of stand up comedy and how her life experiences inform her comedic outlook. After hearing Ester reflect on how she’s been able to find humor in the mess of motherhood, we decided to round up a list of three very funny resources if you want to look at motherhood through a lighthearted lens. 

  1. Stand-Up Mom PodcastEster Steinberg interviews other stand-up moms as they discuss having kids and being comics. Full of laughs and committed to keeping it real, hilarious comedians reflect on motherhood in the most candid conversations. 
  2. Women in Real Life Instagram@womenirl shares “life’s real, unfiltered moments”. The page is made up of a collection of hilarious moments shared by the page’s creators as well as fellow moms who send in daily updates about the realities of life with kids.
  3. Mommy Shorts BlogThis blog is written by an NYC mom of two, Ilana, who shares daily anecdotes about life as a mom, alongside pop-culture mix ins and insights from other guests. Ilana shares tons of different styles of content, from wit to wisdom to contests to videos, all on one platform.
Ester on Breaking Glass