Six ways women can support wildlife conservation

Greta Francesca iori shares on Breaking Glass how women can be conservationists

To speak with Greta Francesca iori is to find yourself deeply inspired by a bold and beautiful feminist who is driving change in an unlikely arena – wildlife crime. Greta is dedicating her career to understanding the gender dynamic of the wildlife crime and conservation industry. Audacious and gutsy, Greta joined us from London for a conversation about her career. Bouncing between the United Kingdom and Ethiopia, she has been refining her expertise in natural resource management and human wildlife conflict resolution. She pulls back the curtains for us, sharing the ways in which women are driving – as well as dismantling – wildlife crime and how hard she’s had to fight to gain credibility in the field. Here are her six ways for women to support wildlife conservation from afar:

  1. LET LOCALS LEAD – traditional methods of conservation that prioritize community engagement and local resources can be very successful
  2. LOOK FOR INTERSECTIONS – Identify ways to connect conservation to the things you care about – climate change, education, or health. Wildlife conservation touches each of these.
  3. QUESTION YOUR CONSUMPTION – Everything comes from somewhere. The culture of overconsumption drives wildlife degradation around the world.
  4. DON’T BELIEVE THE STEREOTYPES – Conservation is more complex than we could ever image. Educate yourself on the issue as well as its convoluted history so you can be informed to take action.
  5. USE YOUR PLATFORM – Each of has a voice and an audience, no matter how big or small. Use that space to share what you know to be true about conservation and how your network can help.
  6. AMPLIFY MARGINALIZED VOICES – Create space at the table to elevate those voices who hold local knowledge, who have been directly impacted. Their local knowledge will lead to sustainable solutions.

Our conversation with Greta was a reminder of how critical it is for women to be at the table, no matter the industry. But also that women far and wide can engage on issues that seem a world away. We each have a reach and the choices we make as consumers can directly impact issues as complex as climate change and conservation. Greta is a brilliant and inspiring example of personal responsibility and radical impact.

Greta on Breaking Glass