Let’s talk about silencing women

Tits and tats from the loud voices we love listening to

A loud little girl is called bossy. An assertive woman is called a bitch. A passionate female politician is called emotional. The same leadership qualities that we celebrate in men are often silenced in women, and this week’s guest has experienced this at every turn of her career. 

On this week’s episode, we talk with Phumzile van Damme about:

  • Her political rise and her reputation for speaking out on behalf of gender equity
  • Her struggle with self-confidence and imposter syndrome
  • Taking on “the man,” from Facebook to Bell Pottinger


  • Bell Pottinger was one of the most notorious, powerful public relations and persona management firms in the world. Their mark was on political campaigns across the globe. Until Phumzile came along that is. This Sundance selection is worth the watch if you care about better understanding how weaponized communication is being used to influence what we know, who we valorize, and how we vote.   


  • Brené Brown’s podcast is audio gold. This episode, with the authors of one of Harvard Business Review’s top 100 most-read articles in history, “Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome,” definitely got us thinking.
  • Tips on how to shake that feeling that you’re an imposter.


Listen to the episode with Phumzile van Damme