Let’s talk about your lady bits

Tits and tats about sexual health for people with pussies

When Zoe Mendelson first googled squirting, she had no idea the rabbit hole of sex education she was about to go down. The internet was riddled with inconsistent information and even experts disagreed on some of the simpler questions she was curious about. And this is why the information designer built Pussypedia, a free encyclopedia of all things related to the bodies of people with pussies.

  • The various forms of gender-based violence—including physical, sexual, and psychological— and the prevalence of it in India
  • What happens when survivors have safe spaces to share their stories
  • How stories and data can empower women and their communities to take action

Round Up

  • If you’re at all like Kassia (and the spam algorithms), you have a visceral reaction to the word pussy. Zoe Mendelson and the team behind Pussypedia obviously picked it for a reason though. Find out why.
  • Can you label the parts of the female reproductive system? Take the quiz to find out.
  • You may have noticed more and more people are using terms like “people with uteruses/vaginas” instead of “women” or “STI” instead of “STD.” Find out why.
  • If you’re looking for direct, humorous, accurate answers to just about every question you’ve ever had (and then some), order the book version of Pussypedia.
  • Each episode of Bodies begins with one person and a question–a mystery–they have about their body. We recommend starting with the first episode, about the creator and her question: Why does sex suddenly become painful, and why do people keep acting like that’s normal just because she’s a female?
  • If you’re ready to go straight to the source, Pussypedia’s very own blog is a rich resource of all the Things the Patriarchy Tries to Sell You that are Actually Bad for your Pussy.

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