Seven ways women can navigate career pivots

Angella Nazarian shares on Breaking Glass these ways for women to find professional fulfillment

Angella Nazarian is an author and entrepreneur who’s dedicated her career to empowering women. More than that, she’s a go-getter, a community leader, and a natural born connector who has dedicated her career to bringing women together to lift one another up. Angella’s career has taken her from academia and writing books to launching a nonprofit (Visionary Women) and cultivating communities of extraordinary women. Over the course of our conversation with Angella she shared how she navigated these career paths and eventually found her stride bringing women together to share in one another’s successes.

  1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – You are worthy of success, you are strong, and you are capable
  2. DON’T BE AFRAID OF HARD WORK – You have to be wiling to work hard for something that is meaningful to you
  3. FIND A COMMUNITY OF WOMEN – You need people to hold you accountable. Invest in those relationships
  4. DON’T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY – You will build resilience if you’re able to accept imperfections
  5. TAKE THE FIRST STEP – You can’t be afraid of ambiguity, learn to be comfortable in discomfort
  6. BRING OTHER WOMEN WITH YOU – You should share your work with capable people, there is no scarcity in success

No stranger to fresh starts, Angella now finds herself giddy and energized by a new endeavor. And while she’s cultivated a niche bringing communities of women together, we also talked about the value of bringing men into the conversation – men who are true advocates for female leaders. It’s a conversation we tackle head on in future episodes.

Angella on Breaking Glass