Let’s talk about the power of women’s anger

Tits and tats about what we can do with all that rage

“Anger has a bad rap, but it is actually one of the most hopeful and forward thinking of all our emotions. It begets transformation, manifesting our passion and keeping us invested in the world. It is a rational and emotional response to trespass, violation, and moral disorder. It bridges the divide between what ‘is’ and what ‘ought’ to be, between a difficult past and an improved possibility.” – This week’s guest Soraya Chemaly

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  • “I’ve been doing this thing lately where I write odes to things I think I’m supposed to be ashamed of.” A spoken word poet’s ode to her bitch face.
  • At a backyard BBQ when she was 10 years old, Jill Filipovic overheard her feminist dad tell another father, “You know, I think if they were boys, I would probably let them play a little farther down the street.” It made her mad. Then she wrote this.
  • “I want us to start looking at how structures shape our lives and make it hard for us to see and hear and understand each other.” — Just one of many brilliant remarks Dr. Brittney Cooper makes in this episode of Code Switch exploring the angry Black woman stereotype.
  • We’ll be incorporating this phrase into future interactions with angry little ones. So, so good.

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