Let’s talk about gender-based violence Copy

Tits and tats about gender-based violence around the world

Around the world, 1 in 3 women experiences physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. In India, where a woman is raped every fifteen minutes, the outlook is especially dire. ElsaMarie D’Silva walked away from a twenty-year career in aviation to launch SafeCity – the world’s foremost crowdmapping platform for gender-based violence. An entrepreneur, activist, and survivor, she joins Kassia to talk about:

  • The various forms of gender-based violence—including physical, sexual, and psychological— and the prevalence of it in India
  • What happens when survivors have safe spaces to share their stories
  • How stories and data can empower women and their communities to take action

Round Up

  • A woman in India is raped every 15 minutes–and that’s reported rapes. We know many more go unreported for a variety of reasons, particularly women’s concern that they won’t be believed. Here’s an exceptional narrative-style podcast chronicling why we only believe women once they’re dead. 
  • An interesting conversation about how urban planning can occur with women’s safety in mind—or not. 
  • A look into how sexual violence uniquely affects women and girls from the Dalit community, India’s lowest caste. 
  • Bookmarking this tab: templates to say “no” in any situation.

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