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Let’s talk about womanhood around the world. Despite making up over half of the global population, women control less wealth, own less land, hold fewer public offices, and shoulder more domestic burdens. But in every corner of every country there are individuals with enough gumption to break the system and bend the rules. These are the stories of those glass breakers, these are the voices imagining a new narrative for women everywhere.

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Co-Host & Producer

Sabrina Merage Naim

Sabrina is passionate about empowering community leaders to create paradigm shifts that spark inclusivity between diverse societies. For over a decade, The Sabrina Merage Foundation has been a strong partner and funder for agents of change to create innovative solutions to bigotry and divisiveness and develop strong communities that unite people, instead of dividing them. Sabrina is also the Principal of Echo Capital Group and serves as the Vice President of Corporate Strategy for the international investment firm, Consolidated Investment Group.
Co-Host & Creative Director

Kassia Binkowski

As a writer and creative director, Kassia has built her career at the intersection of storytelling and social impact. With a background in global health and nonprofit communications, she has deep expertise collaborating with marginalized communities around the world as she works to create space for human voices to drive systems of change. Founder of One K Creative, Kassia leads designers, filmmakers, photographers, and developers to support impact organizations to develop their brand stories, engage their audiences, and in turn, grow their impact.

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